About Digital Hands Africa

Fostering a globally competitive workforce through skills education for the future job market


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Graduates Are Still Employed In The Digital Field

Who We Are

We are a team of professionals from multiple disciplines, who are driven by the singular mission of Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders, Thinkers and Doers.

What We Do

Our mission is to better prepare the next generation to tackle to challenges of the world they inherit.

We deliver AI powered e Learning programs in digital, entrepreneurship and skills development for future of work.

We equip Learners and Employers with 21st Century employability skills, internships and entry level jobs in different industries; bridging the gap between formal education and industry demands; enabling the learners to successfully navigate the job market, think outside of the box, challenge accepted paradigms and question everything.

Leveraging our extensive experience in supporting entrepreneurship education and developing skills crucial for economic growth; we aim to transform the ecosystem for new entrepreneurs through fostering a new generation of innovative and resilient leaders.

Why We Do It

The simple answer is: Because it needs to be done. There are challenges and issues that the current educational system is woefully inadequate in preparing our young people for.

It is in this gap between what they are being taught and what they need to know that we stand. In today’s rapidly evolving innovation economy, where needs and opportunities shift swiftly; it’s essential for our youth to possess a mindset that empowers them to identify opportunities, show initiative and innovate amidst challenges.

How We Do It

We leverage on the power WhatsApp chatbot to equip learners with skills required to navigate the future job market, fostering a globally competitive workforce.

We also provide a robust online practical training course designed to build capacity, digital and entrepreneurship skills that supports program participants from concept to launch and beyond.